notanotherphanfictionblog whispered: This might seem really odd but I saw yours and PhilisAmazing's twitters and I'm sorry but I was laughing really hard at your reactions to GML. I wanted to, like formally apologise for making you guys so sad but also thank you for sharing it bc now my notifications are blowing up a bit with people liking it so thank you but I'm sorry it upset you!

youre welcome im still angry at you

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Give Me Love - Chapter One


Here’s the first part of my new story! It’s very vaguely based on the video from this song. (Hence the name of the story). This one’s very different, but I hope you like it - please do let me know what you think, and I’ll post this as often as possible, since it’s still a work in process it probably wont be posted as quickly as the others. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: “Phil was a Deos Amoris, which translated itself to ‘gods of love’, but Phil thought that was very pretentious. Some people made the mistake of calling all of his kind ‘Cupids’, and that wasn’t right either…”

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Thanks Bae

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Anonymous whispered: bekcty where did vicky's twitter go? ?

she deactivated it for like a week cause she dumb but she back now!! 

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Phil and Dan’s reenactment of Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

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dan & phil at their meet and greet, saturday

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natural albino

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