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the mediterranean is so beautiful! every sea view is like mama mia who wants to burst into song with me


that look

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that me

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summary: in the rougher side of manchester phil’s poor with a fucked family and hes trying to life as best he can but that soon messes up when a brother from the roughest family around enters his life with secrets of his own

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Anonymous whispered: I want to have sex with you. Eat me out please.


but i’m shy


"But if I don’t think about it, my mouth just fails to work" (x)

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story from your childhood

when i was 18 months old i fell over and cracked my front tooth and about 7/8 of it fell out and i was left with a little chip for about 6 years and then one day it was finally wobbly whilst i was playing super mario sunshine and i spent the whole day wobbling it trying to get it out and by about 8:00 at night that day i twisted it and it came out and that’s when i knew my life was beginning

story about your day

well my nearly two year old nephew was dropped round at 7:30 this morning so whilst i was peacefully sleeping i kept waking up to him shouting and screaming the house down and then i woke up about an hour ago and went downstairs and my sister rang me to tell me to get something for my mum’s birthday which is tomorrow how exciting

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