Anonymous whispered: hey, so you said that they'll do selfies or sign something, but do you know if they're okay with doing both? If i do get to meet them i kinda want to get my shirt signed as well as a photo with them but i just don't want to be asking for too much and hold up the queue

i’m not too sure about this one because though they would do it without a second thought, i’m pretty sure security have a say in the time you get with them etc so you would possibly be able to i think the best thing to do would be to ask because there’s no harm in asking but i guess its up to security 

apparently last year they signed things and got pictures and this year there is ticketing so there isnt as much of a rush to try and get everyone in so i think you’ll be okay but that’s not a 100% guarantee - if anyone knows more about this let me know 

any questions or worries about sitc?

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“yeah i am”

disloyalorderofthefandoms whispered: hey so i really want to meet dan and phil, and im arriving at sitc around 8.30 ish i think? will i have much of a chance of meeting them?? and any other tips about meeting people and other stuff would be nice as this is my first time going :))

this is a tricky one because this year they are planning to ticket the bigger signings (no extra payments, just handing out tickets!!) and they’re letting a specific number of people through to meet them so it’s fair

we’ve been talking about times for queuing on twitter for the past couple of days and quite a few people have mentioned getting there as early as 6 so i cant guarantee that the queue wont be horrendously long when you get there because i dont know what time the other 9999 people are planning on arriving. i would personally say that 8:30 is okay but theres no way of knowing until the day but i think youll be fine in meeting them

meeting people you love is always a nerve-racking experience whether it’s at an event or not. try not to get put off by the queues. yes, they’re cramped, hot, uncomfortable, annoying and long and you’re feet are going to hurt but if you want to meet the person you love that much i would say it is worth the wait

try not to overthink what youre going to say too much just let it flow out of your mouth and if youre not sure what to say just tell them you love their videos and they make you happy - last year dan and phil were offering out hugs as people were approaching them so i’m assuming they’ll do the same, and ask them for a selfie or to sign what you want and they will - the youtubers try and make your meeting experience as good as possible so do not worry 

try not to scream in their face because no one likes that but if you’re worried about crying its alright to cry they get that alot they understand theyll hug it out with you and make you feel alright about it it’s nothing to be ashamed of a lot of people will be in the same boat 

if you feel like youre going to have a panic attack or if youre feeling claustrophobic and youre not near the front tell the people around you and theyll spread the message to the front until it reaches a member of staff and theyll pull you out (i witnessed this myself last year so i know this is legit) - as much as people complain about staff and security they will look after you i promise you that 

and basically just savour your meeting experience enjoy meeting your favourite youtuber and if you miss out on meeting a certain person i know that can fucking hurt but try not to let it ruin the rest of your day because theres SO much you can do and SO many people you can enjoy the rest of the day with so try not to let it get you down too much and have fun

any questions or worries about sitc?

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dynamitekristina whispered: hello! any tips for sitc for me? it's my first time. will there be like a program or something? :)

sure! i’ll publish this and basically go over what ellie said in her video and some other points:

yes! last year there was a program which was free and they gave them out at the door of ally pally when you first get in and as far as i know they should be doing that again and the program has a whole lot of information in it and also has the schedule of the days inside so you know what’s going on


i’m assuming because there’s 8 days to go that you have sorted out accommodation and travel and if you haven’t done so yet you need to do this as soon as possible. Hotels nearby alexandra palace sell out really really quickly so if you haven’t sorted that out yet, see if you can stay with a friend who lives near by and just make sure you have somewhere to go before and after the event. if you’re young make sure your parents know where you are

this is the same with travel, make sure you know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there and make sure you leave enough time so that you don’t miss out on any of the events that you might want to see on the weekend. Also make sure you have enough money so that you can pay for your travel if needed.

If you’ve already got that sorted then for the actual event: 

Quickly staying on the subject of money, make sure you bring quite a bit to the event but not too much so don’t bring like hundreds just in case you lose your purse or in the (unlikely) case of it being stolen. Food is reasonably priced and water is quite pricey and you might decide you want merch so just make sure you have as much as you think you’ll need

Clothing is incredibly, incredibly important. Please take the time to laugh at me but last year I went to summer in the city in wedges. High heel fucking wedges. At this weekend you will not be sitting down for about 6 hours so whatever you do, do not wear heels, in fact do not wear anything that will make you slightly uncomfortable trust me if you wear something uncomfortable to look cute, at the start of the day youre going to think that was wise but by the end you wont be looking cute at all when your feet feel like theyre about to fall off. “comfort before cuteness” thanks ellie for that nice quote. 

If you’re worried about not having any friends, they do gatherings on the friday and the monday which you could maybe attend if you’re free (i don’t know much about those but send me an ask about this and ill link you to someone who does) but if not please dont worry because trust me everyone at summer in the city is so lovely literally 94% of people you can just go up to and say hi and you’ve made a good friend there. Talk to people and share your common interests (which is obviously going to be youtube amongst other things) and i promise you will be alright

This is getting scarily long so the last thing i’ll say is just have fun. Please try not to stress out i know you might be nervous now but once you get to that venue and see everyone waiting you realise youre amongst thousands of people who are in your boat, people exactly the same as you and that feels so fucking amazing you forget that you were ever nervous. The summer in the city schedule is due out some time this week so if you’re worried because you don’t know who’s doing a signing or who’s on a panel when or where, make sure you keeping looking at the summer in the city tumblr and twitter to wait for that.

there’s so much more and this is getting so lengthy but if you have any specific questions or any questions at all feel free to drop me an ask and ill try to help

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this is true people i know the title of HGF come and ask me for it 

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im doin this on twitter so i might aswell link it here, elliegalaxies just uploaded at video on tips for summer in the city and it was quite a helpful video so i recommend watching and if you have any questions about sitc i can answer feel free to ask me here

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a subscriber bought it for him apparently 


Bribry with dan and phil 💕

Dan version

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