any good gif makers up for giffing something for me inbox me if u are 

Oct 21 - 1 - -


if i reach my next thousand for halloween ill cry

Oct 21 - 30 - hotlester -
Anonymous whispered: Just a thought to cheer you up; new series of russell howard's good news is on bbc two this thursday

i saw!! cheered me up lots :)

Oct 21 - 1 - -
phan-pie whispered: how are you? what you get up to today? :3

i am horribly ill i have flu and i am spending my day in bed

Oct 21 - 2 - -
Anonymous whispered: How are you doing? Feeling better?

nope not very good i want to be sick again but its not happening

Oct 20 - - -
Anonymous whispered: What's your favorite TV show?

probably russell howards good news on bbc3 even though he doesnt make it anymore :(

im ill keep me company

Oct 20 - 3 - -

things have changed for me, and that’s okay, i feel the same, i’m on my way